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May 7, 2006 by

I’d like to thank Ray In Austin for unearthing this one. I am probably one of the only straight males out there who has zero interest in sports, so without him I would have missed this little gem. Thanks Ray!

Ray in Austin: Sports Illustrated: “More Katrina news!”: “Peter King in Sports Illustrated speaks his mind and rips the government a new one over what he saw in New Orleans while covering the NFL draft:

Am I ticked off? Damn right I’m ticked off. If you’re breathing, you should be morally outraged. Katrina fatigue? Hah! More Katrina news! Give me more! Give it to me every day on the front page! Every day until Washington realizes there’s a disaster here every bit as urgent as anything happening in this world today — fighting terrorism, combating the nuclear threat in Iran. I’m not in any way a political animal, but all you have to be is an occasionally thinking American to be sickened by the conditions I saw.

I’m a sportswriter. It’s not my job to figure how to fix what ails the Gulf Coast. But the leaders of this society are responsible. And they’re not doing their jobs. I could ignore everything I saw and go back to my nice New Jersey cocoon, forgetting I saw it. And I know you don’t read me to hear my worldviews. But I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t say something.

There’s more. Read it all.”

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