How Are Things Now??

May 10, 2006 by

This one is for all the folks around the country who keep asking me what its like. It is one question aptly answered by mass media surprisingly enough…..

ABC News: Working Wounded: Big Easy Business Lessons: “As you can imagine, New Orleans is a challenging place to visit right now. The devastation left over from Hurricane Katrina is everywhere, and these reminders are especially frightening when you consider the storm ravaged this city more than 10 months ago. Given the amount of garbage and damaged buildings everywhere, it seems like it should only have been a few weeks ago. You try to prepare yourself for the pain and suffering, but it is beyond anything you can imagine.

The hardest part of visiting New Orleans is driving along highway underpasses. Each one is jammed with abandoned cars. Hundreds and hundreds of them. It’s very chilling, and gives you some sense of the scale of the devastation.”

Scan a few prior posts and get a good look at what is happening here. Please.

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