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May 11, 2006 by

Alan has some very salient points about the mishandling of the tech aspect of the disaster. There really was no reason for steps like he suggests to have been left untaken.

Alan’s Blogometer � Failure 2.0: “Back in ‘69, ‘70, the Internet ment something. Those days are gone, baby.

It was designed to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Why didn’t we change the MX records on edu domains? Store that email somewhere outside of New Orleans, let people keep their accounts. Why did webmail bounce? Couldn’t we have dropped quotas for people with Gulf Coast zip codes?

Recovery 2.0 the most thinly veiled agenda I’ve ever seen. Now that people are scattered and their networks destroyed, let’s see if they’ll migrate. Let’s talk about how, in our Web 2.0 fantasies, Ajax and Atom organize people without phone lines.

The Web 2.0 crowd needs to temper their enthusiasm for their untested web based vision, and reocognize that, New Orleans especially, needs practical information technology.

The real hero of Katrina was and the forums. Written in 1998. Never updated. Ineffective search. Limited archives.

Killer interface, though. A box for a message and a button to send.”

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