Think New Orleans

May 12, 2006 by

Think New Orleans is, in my opinion, an excellent effort and resource for our community. Alan Guitierrez is a transplant to NOLA from Anne Arbor, MI but is certainly not your run of the mill member of the technologically self impressed.

His efforts are geared towards “civic blogging,” and assisting others in learning to utilize internet technology. Unlike a lot of the tech folks that come here from places like the west coast he has lived here and understands that New Orleans is still very much a “face to face,” culture. Chat, blogs, and even email were not the omnipresent force they are in most other places even before the Storm. In fact the “digital divide,” was greater here thatn in any developed urban area I know of.

Alan has been applying his expertise and energy towards trying to bring local bloggers to the next level, as well as opening up the medium to novices. (The new reboot of Humid City will be coming soon thanks to his efforts, although I would still be writing this even if it was not). He has a very sound perspective on community building and using the internet as a force for action, organization, and social activism. I wholeheartedly support these efforts and have signed on as a blogging elf in order to assist.

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