May 13, 2006 by


“I’m tired of conversations about her.
I’m tired of reading about the aftermath of her.
I’m tired of seeing images of her effects on TV.
I’m tired of much of the city still being in a mess nine months after her.
I’m tired of photo ops of celebrities and politicians ooing in disbelief when touring the devestation.
I’m tired of once a week garbage pick up that doesn’t pick it ALL up.
I’m tired of the pile of concrete rubble in front of my house.
I’m tired of seeing blue roofs.
I’m tired of seeing FEMA trailers.
I’m tired of hearing NIMBY when so many of our firefighters, police and first responders are living in churches and hospitals.
I’m tired of flooded abandoned cars in the streets.
I’m tired of signs everywhere advertising HOUSE GUTTING! ROOFING! MOLD REMOVAL!
I’m tired of worrying about the mold spores floating through the air and the possible health risks.
I’m tired of dreaming about terrorists, storms, evacuation, mold and my dead dog.”

A common feeling amongst thoose of us here, courtesy of one of my new co-conspirators over at ThinkNOLA.

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