Be Informed, Then Vote

May 15, 2006 by

Thanks to the New Orleans Yacht Club for putting this online:

New Orleans City Council – District A: “With the upcoming April 22nd election possibly being the most important election in the history of New Orleans, New Orleans Yacht Club has asked each of the eight candidates for the District A City Council Seat to participate in answering a questionaire regarding issues pertaining to the northern part of District A.

This exclusive interview specifically asks questions surrounding future West End condominium developments, relocation of a casino boat to West End, the marinas, Lakeview, City Park and small businesses located at West End, as well as a few general questions.

Feel free to make comments anywhere throughout the site, but please make sure that they are civil and productive. Unseemly remarks will be promptly removed and the commenter will be barred from the site.

New Orleans Yacht Club does not and will not endorse any candidate.”

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