Clint Maedgen Gets Vertigo

May 17, 2006 by

Clint Madgen, a man who’s day job is playing for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and at night is front man for both The Bingo Show and Liquidrone, gets a bad case of Vertigo thanks to Music Rising.
One of the most talented composer/performers I have ever seen, Maedgen seems to finally getting some of the limelight he deserves. Having the musical ability, talent and heart to take your place in a legendary groups like The Preservastion Hall Jazz Band is impressive enough, but Maedgen is also the compositional and performance force behind two of the most unique bands ever to grace NOLA’s cutting edge: The Bingo Show and Liquidrone.

Despite losing basically all his material possessions he has finally been brought to the attention of the world music community, and as a result is begining to receive the audience he deserves. Go Clint!

You can watch him playing Vertigo with The Edge from U2 here. Watch it, it will make you feel good…

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