Humid City Companion Sites Launch!

May 18, 2006 by

I would like to announce the launch of two companion or annex sites as part of the Humid City project:

  • Humid City on MySpace – Networked heavily into the New Orleans art and music scenes, this space will probably be the center of our work with helping revive the scene here. Those of you who remember the Silver Machine will feel right at home there, those who do not should check it out!
  • Humid City on LiveJournal -  Bloggers write to people, LiveJournal people intereact and discuss things. This community will try to bridge the gap and provide a “sitting around the coffeeshop/bar,” atmosphere for conversations relevant to New Orleanians both here in the Forbidden Zone and beyond.

It is my hope to use the combination of these three platforms to create unity and a free flow of pertinent information while enhancing our sense of community.

Come by and see us. Get involved. New Orleans is important.

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