Dangerblond croons I Still Love You, Ray

May 20, 2006 by

This excerpt from Dangerblond’s site really gets it across. A long but brilliant Dear John letter from that aging southern belle, New Orleans, to her troubled mayor. If you get something out of the excerpt go read the whole thing on her page. Highly advised for before hitting the polls.

dangerblond.org » the blond truth: i still love you, ray

Ray, you made me look like a fool. In front of, well, everybody. Every lousy cab driver in America thinks I got exactly what I deserved for not having enough sense to keep my levees up. Now Douglas Brinkley has told the entire world what hotel you were in while Katrina was in town. I may never live this down, Ray, and you getting drunk and babbling about god and the chocolate city did not help matters. You know, you can leave here. You can get another job and leave all this behind you. But I have to stay here and face people, I don’t have a choice.