See You At The Polls…

May 20, 2006 by

Well, I’m offf to Sophie Wright to cast my ballot. Hope you’re getting set to do the same. This is an incredibly important election, not to mention an historic one, and everybody needs to participate. If you’re still on the fence or confused about where to go I advise taking a quick glance at my prior post on Voting Resources. I know it seems futile at times, but if you do not try you will never be able to effect change. Please, vote today!

My choices are as follows: Mayor: Landrieu, District A: Midura, District B: Head,District C: Booth, At Large: Fielkow,Clerk of Court: Varrecchio (I see that Gentilly Girl and I agree on all points here)
Vote Your conscience! Today determines the future of the city in a very real and tangible way!