da po’ blog: Long Live the Chocolate City

May 23, 2006 by

An excellent examination of the context of our recent election and the “race,” card. Da Po’ Blog post gives a lot of context, including the white flight that made us “Chocolate City,” in the first place. Required reading!

da po’ blog: Long Live the Chocolate City

If this election was about race, it was about racial preservation. The existence of an African-American culture in New Orleans is endangered. Not just African-American political power.

I felt Landrieu was the better administrator of the two candidates, better suited to control the everyday activities of a municipal government. But, if we really want all New Orleanians to return, then reelecting Nagin sends that message.

Need I remind anyone that African American culture is reesponsible for most all of the music you listen to, either directly or as an antecendent?

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