The Deluge Begins

May 23, 2006 by

Well, as I perdicted a few posts ago the torrent of anit-NOLA sentiment is strating to really rear its head in the wake of the election. Now only a fool would say that there is no blame to lay at our own doorstep, there is plenty enough to go around. The thing that you just cannot understand until you’ve been here (and even then some people do not get it) is that this transcends partisian politics. It is a simple matter of what needs to get done.

The refrain is usually “corrupt Louisiana politics,” but I see very few talking about the corrupt Fedral politics that have exacerbated the situation from day one. When money is sent down here only to be eaten up by layer upon layer of subcontractors (can you say “No Bid contracts?”) with questionable Federal connections (shoot anyone lately, Dick?) it sounds more like the problem is in DC. Yes, we re-elected Nagin. In DC they re-elected a crack smoker for Mayor, does that sound localised to La.?

Greg Peters gives some great comments on his blog. Read the entire post over on his site, it is a rousig and neccessary call to action!
Suspect Device Blog: Get used to this.
For those out there who think NOLA/Louisiana bloggers have become “so negative”, try Instapundit and Malkin or Bendan Loy today (Be sure to check out the warm and fuzy comments on Loy’s post). This is what a good portion — perhaps a majority — of the rest of the country thinks of New Orleans. It started with yammering nobodies like Bay Buchanan, but they’re the point people: they say the outrageous first, and when no voices rise in protest, the mainstream feels free to lay on.