Nail Guns and Wreckage

May 28, 2006 by

For the past several days I have been out in the bayou heat, deep in the far end of St. Barnard Parish helping to rebuild a pier. Yet again I find myself stunned by the wreckage that has replaced a once busy community. Directly across the road from the worksite is a tall tree, bare of leaves, clutching a king sized mattress in its denuded branches. A short way down the road are such now common sights as 10 foot piles of wreckage, fresh new trailer parks full of FEMA issued housing, and completely empty lots that once sported homes.It is astounding to see what still remains (most of it) from the Levee Failure. Landrieu claimed that only 16% of the wreckage has been cleared, that looks about right from my perambulations around the city. I decided that I would try out a new photo system and set up an album for those of you who are interested to peruse. Just click the oicon on theright to view them.They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures do not even begin to get across the experience of seeing it in person…

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