Levee Failure, When Will We Have Some Responsibility?

May 30, 2006 by

Forensics report on Levee Failures

A group of forensics experts led by some professors from UC Berkeley released a damning 738-page report on the levee failures during hurricane Katrina. They found a system that was “pervasively flawed” (surprise, surprise), and said that the failure was at all levels of government, including the Feds, the local levee board, and to a lesser extent the Army Corps of Engineers.

Go check it out as an audio report at the link above, go on, I’ll wait. Well Christian Roselund gets thanks for putting this out there. I doubt we will see any accountability, after all why break a solid trend? We keep re-establishing the fact that no level of government did their job, yet no real repurcussions are felt. It is absolutely nauseating.

As Memorial Day receeds I ponder the fact that my father did time in a Viet Namese prison camp to defend this country only to have it abandon us.

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