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Last week, Congress could not agree on funding for housing and levees in time for hurricane season before breaking for vacation. Yet, yesterday, Congress convened an extraordinary recess to hold hearings about the raid of Rep Bill Jefferson’s office. They sacrificed their vacation time to draft legislation that would bar the FBI from searching Congressional offices in the future!

Please tell Congress how you feel about these actions by our Congress Members by writing a letter to the Washington Post and the New York Times. Here are some talking points:

1. 95,000 homes were destroyed by flood water in metro New Orleans due to broken levees.
2. Community block grants for housing are still not approved and are in danger of being slashed in the House.
3. A recent study by the U.C Berkeley lays the majority of the responsibility for the flooding on the US Army Corps of Engineers.
4. Hurricane Season begins on June 1. (which means it is probably hurricane season already by the time you’re reading this -Loki)

Your letter will more likely get published if you use your own words. Please send your letter in separate emails to:

[email protected] and to [email protected]

Writing letters not your thing?   Go to: and use our letter writing tool and with one click of a mouse, send a letter to your Congress Members! The letter is already there, just add your address and click “Send.”

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