Levee Failure Again? Already? This is Inexcusable.

May 31, 2006 by

Tomorrow begins hurricane season, a very uneasy time if you are here fighting for the survival of city and culture. Nine months after the Act Of Man (it was the levee failure not Katrina that did us in) inundated my home I see this in the news:

Levee slumps; repairs to take weeks With hurricane season only three days away, the Army Corps of Engineers on Monday announced that a 400-foot section of earthen hurricane protection levee being rebuilt near Buras High School in Plaquemines Parish slumped by more than 6 feet overnight Saturday, and repairs could take three to six weeks.

Due to immunity set in place after Hurricane Betsy the Corps is not going to be held accountable for one of the worst disasters in American history. Ask yourself honestly, how do you feel about this?

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