Storm Seasonings

Jun 1, 2006 by

Lower 9th Ward -2

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A pinch of panic, a dash of unease, and one hefty spoonful (make that two!) of propaganda. Add to a simmering pot of rubble and stir under NOLA heat until nicely thickened. Garnish with denial and serve with side dishes of optimism and hard work.

Voila! One heaping helping of Hurricane Season!

Things here are scary, depressing, uplifting, insane, and unpredictable. We are all wondering exactly how we feel about the advent of Storm Season here, by turns hopeful and fearful. The mountainous evidence of the Corps of Engineers’ design failures act as a counterpoint to efforts like the Katrina Krewe and ThinkNOLA.

As I sit and catch my breath after riding my bike home throught the darkened streets I reflect upon my last two hours, teaching a Web Publishing Workshop to community and civic activists and leaders. There is plenty of good and bad floating in this gumbo, we just have to make the right efforts to ensure that the good is triumphant!

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