Somebody Gave Loki A Megaphone!

Jun 2, 2006 by

Thats right, all your worst fears realized! I, Loki that is, was interviewed on Air America last night. Kevin Moreau once called me a “carnival barker’s megaphone aimed at a complacent citizenry,” now you can judge for yourself.

Humid City caught the eye of the folks over at the Mike Malloy Show and they contacted me about doing an interview for their begining of Hurricane Season show, little did I realize that I was going to be on air for the better part of an hour! Now, 24 hours later an archive is up so those of you who desire to can hear it in all its acidic glory. Go toThe White Rose Society – Mike Malloy Show Page and scroll down until you see the June 1st, 2006 show, then just click the link! (Warning to those with slow connections, it is a 30.8 MB MP3 file)

EDIT: The Interview begins 30 minutes into the show.  FYI