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Jun 12, 2006 by

This one is for our New Orleans readership, both here and in exile. I found it on Fofalex’s LJ where he said he had looted it and made it his own, I guess that means I get the pleasure of looting from a looter…

Anyway, if you are a New Orleanian please add your own answers in a comment to this post.

1) What are you drinking right now?

2) Where were you on 28 August, 2005?
Fleeing in a group with too many humans, too many cats, too few cars, and a snake.

3) And then where did you go?
W. Memphis, AR. We stayed in a broken down hotel until a friend of my fiancee’s rescued us (THANKS Chris & Woody!) and brought us to a trailer in the middle of the woods outside Bloomington, IN. After a few weeks there we stayed in Dobbs Ferry, NY in a vacant apartment that was undergoing construction work. (Thanks Sean and Jo! You really pulled our fat out of the fire!)

4) Did you come home?

5) If so, when? If not, where do you live now?
Got home to NOLA a week before Halloween, got up the next morning and helped out at the NOLA Bookfair, then the MOMS Ball Halloween Party that night. We now live uptown again.

6) What do you miss most about ‘old’ New Orleans?
Our friends, the ethnic/racial mix, trash pickup, steady power and phone, and the lack of acre upon acre of decimation surrounding us.

7) What notable meals have you had lately?
Homemade macque choux made with shrimp right off the boat from De La Croix! (Yes, I was cooking)

8) In a word, what’s the worst thing that’s happened to you since August?
My grandmother’s death.

9) Now, inspire us with something lovely that’s happened.
Hansen’s snoballs reopened two weeks ago!

10) Who is your favorite bartender?
I don’t know anymore…

11) Where can we find you at 1am on Saturday night?
At home with my cats or out seeing local music at a club.

12) A word on G.W. Bush.
Colassal Incompetent

13) A word on Ray Nagin.
Long on heart, short on brains.

14) What have we learned?
The social contract between people and government is now void.

15) Where do you see yourself in 12 months?
I wish I knew….

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