Day 295: Day 3: An Announcement

Jun 19, 2006 by

I have decided to adopt Maitri’s datekeeping style, it sorts well with my mood as I sit here waiting for my ride to work. Today we will be ripping out a bathroom floor and rebuilding it up near the Carrollton area. Then home again to an evening of crouching over the laptop fulfilling contracts and storing as much of our data as possible online (Hurricane Season, you know). I’ve actually put up over 3,500 pics in my Flickr Account while the finacee’s been away.

It is also Day 3 since I’ve had a cigarrette. Needless to say I’m probably not the most pleasant humanoid to be around right now. I want one so badly I can feel it in the joints of my jaw.

Personal matters have quite gotten the better of me recently, hence the temporary slow down in postings. I am going to rectify that.

Tonight I will be launching my first column for Powers and Morrison,
They have set me up a nice page which will be running live feeds of this site, the Humid City LJ Community, and the New Orleans Oral History Project underneath the main column. They have also gone mobile enabled, so you can get it on your cell phone or pocket PC. All things going well that link should go live by about 9pm Central Time. I guess I have been handed the megaphone…

Well, its time to go work on the physical rebuild. Sounds like the truck just pulled up…

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