Yet Another Body

Jun 19, 2006 by

No,We Are Not OK. In ten weeks we will have the One Year Anniversary of Katrina, yet we are still finding corpses with disturbing regularity.

Katrina victim found in New Orleans house

An autopsy found that the man had drowned. He was the 23rd apparent storm victim found in New Orleans since the forensic center took over body recovery from federal search teams in March, Gagliano said. (Emphasis mine -Loki)

Thats just since they took over in March. This March, the month that ended two months ago. Does this sound like America to you?

EDIT: Thanks to Alan at ThinkNOLA for pointing out that my caffeinne/nicotine deprivation  had led me to mis-comment on the date emphasized above. It is now corrected in the main text of the post.

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