Day 296: Pro Life? Then Save New Orleans!

Jun 20, 2006 by

Greg Peters hits it!

Suspect Device Blog

And Atrios (and Kos) are correct in that Louisiana’s legislature and Governor have better things to do. I suspect that Blanco signed this ridiculous bill without a peep as a measure of political payoff for some of the surprising gains she was able to push through this session. Still: Lousiana is dying on the table, and these assholes are obsessed with sex and ghost stories, as per usual.

What disgusts me more than even the venality of our leadership, though, is how quickly the lefty-liberal rabble (see the comments on both the atrios entry and Kos’s) have decided that THIS is the straw that will ensure they willl (sniff) NEVER visit Louisiana! (follow the links in Greg’s post to the comments made on Atrios and Kos. The replies show an amazing array of rampantly emotional and kneejerk reaction as they confuse Blanco’s idiotic stance with the harsh realities of living in New Orleans. -Loki)

But no fish, no nuts knocks it out of the park!

To cut New Orleans off from tourist dollars because of the fundamentalist bent of red Louisiana and the realpolitik decisions of Gov. Blanco is like refusing a rape victim the morning after pill because her Daddy’s a Bush-supporting Baptist preacher.

New Orleans is NOT the rest of Louisiana. We do not vote the same way, live the same way, or have a whole lot in common. And right now there is, to our detriment, a fight to survive getting bogged down by this crap. Oh, Atrios? Kos? Deciding you are going to leave us to rot over this is self indulgent on your part as well as showing up the mere lip service paid to the values you claim to espouse. Liberals talk. Conservatives act. Thats a major reason we are in such a mess right now, both here in NOLA and in the White House.

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