Day 300 3am: Sinn Fein

Jun 24, 2006 by

Ashley Morris: the blog: Sinn Fein: Ourselves alone

Ronnie Virgets had a great chapter in his book Say Cap entitled Sinn Fein, which means ourselves alone. That’s probably how we’re gonna get outta this mess, by ourselves. I’m not banking on anyone to do anything, because that’s part of the White House stragetizeing: wait us out until we’re bankrupt from mortgages and rent and no jobs, and then buy us out and create vinyl-sided McMansions. I think that they’re forgetting how hard-headed we are, and how we won’t bow down. They ain’t gettin’ nuttin’ from us. Especially Mardi Gras.

We have a good ten months now for that to sink in. A lot more people are taking to heart the folk wisdom of keeping a chainsaw in the attic (in case you have to cut your way out), especially now that they know help will arrive tardy and disorganised if it arrives at all.

I have been meaning to blog about this for a few days but have not really been able to compose my thoughts. Then I read Scout Prime’s post on First Draft about the NOLA Bloggers, and she mentions it there. Sinn Fein it is.

The Spanish regime burned us to the ground. The only building left was Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (now a bar). We came back from that. as Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes said onstage at Tip’s this evening, “New Orleans is the funkiest city on Earth!” That fact, is anything, will be our salvation.

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