Day 301: Drag Queen Gang Pesters Magazine St.

Jun 25, 2006 by

Only in New Orleans!  The Drag Queens are coming! The Drag Queens are coming! Why does this make me think of the State House of Reps and the White House? Hmm…

New Orleans CityBusiness-Transvestite crime gangs pester Magazine Street owners

Robyn Lewis, owner of Dark Charm fashion and accessories for women, represents the first line of defense for the Magazine Street shop owners. She is the first to see them come strutting in their pumps down St. Andrew Street, the bewigged pack of thieves who have plagued the Lower Garden District since May.

Like an SOS flare, Lewis grabs her emergency phone list and starts calling.

“They’re coming,” she warns Eric Ogle a salesman at Vegas, a block down Magazine Street. Ogle, who was terrorized by the brazen crew two months earlier, alerts neighboring Winky’s where manager Kendra Bonga braces for the onslaught.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest supporter of small local business, but this is funny. Its that special kind of absurdity that seems to flourish in our subtropical environment, the almost psychedelic vision of heat induced dilirium. It is a moment that makes you realize that you are home after all. Welcome to the Mirror Universe, kids!

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