Flooding in DC and Snarky Commentary

Jun 29, 2006 by

As DC gets a little water many here in NOLA have made snarky comments on the subject. Only natural considering the fact that DC was the city that abandoned us in our time of need. Now I realize that seems harsh, unsympathetic and downright mean, but the point missed is that the vitriol is aimed at the seat of (ineffectual) government, NOT the population of DC itself. ScottyNOLA on LJ makes some very good comments on this (read the whole post on his journal and definetly read the commments!):

Queer and Loathing in America – Here Comes the Rain Again

I want to make one thing perfectly clear about my amusement at the flooding of DC:

My snide remarks were directed at every single member of Congress, or of the current administration, or whatever yahoo from wherever, who has made some similar remark about the rebuilding of New Orleans, and most especially that snotrag Orrin Hatch.

I have nothing but the utmost sympathy for those who are losing their homes, possessions, and in some cases, their lives. Having been through the same thing, and knowing what they are facing–I feel very sorry for them. FEMA and the insurance companies–better to suffer the plagues of Egypt.

I do wonder, though, why no evangelical (paying attention, Pat Robertson?) has not called attention to the idea that perhaps God is punishing Washington for its sins against the American people?

That’s right, Katrina was divine punishment for the sins of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast; this is merely “God moves in mysterious ways.” Gotcha.

Thanks to ScottyNOLA

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