C.O.G. Tenth Anniversary Show

Jul 1, 2006 by

I’m pleased to announce the *Consortium of Genius*’s 10th Anniversary
Live Lecture, to be held Saturday, July 1st at the Howlin’ Wolf, located at 907 South Peters St. in New Orleans, LA.

This show will feature cameo appearances by all past members of the C.O.G., and parts of it will be taped for the Consortium of Genius’s 2nd television episode!  Our guests this time are Love Zombie , the band fronted by Filbert Snodgrass’s alter-ego Chris Flattmann.

  • BE ON TV
  • We need you loyal fans to show up early, to tape some crowd shots forour 2nd episode.  *HERE’S THE DEAL: *if you can make it there* before 5:00pm*, we’ll let you in for free!  Normal admission price for the night will be $5.  The first 75 people in will get a free CD or DVD!
  • For this episode, we need people dressed in HEAVY METAL or BIKER styleclothing, so if you want to be on TV, dress appropriately!

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