Our Secret History

Jul 1, 2006 by

The tapestry of the New Orleans scene is composed of many threads, jazz and funk being only two of them. I have spent many years working with the others. The dark ominous threads of punk and death metal as well as the bright and airy ones of bayou bluegrass and Crescent City folk music. The other creative arts are similarly varied here.

As I cast about the city looking for the fragments of our creative comunity I get lucky. The following site is an excellent document of the part of the scene that most are unaware of, but which is a vibrant and valid aspect of our own peculiar and beautiful sonic tapestry.

In their own words:

The New Orleans Index Project

New Orleans is far more than jazz and gumbo – it’s one of the most creative and vibrant cities in the world. Perhaps what divides New Orleans musicians, artists and freaks from their counterparts in New York, LA and San Francisco is press coverage and often, a lack of ambition. People in New Orleans are concerned with living a pleasurable life and making art for the joy of creation rather than for fame and success. There is a secret history, which The New Orleans Index Project now documents.

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