Jul 3, 2006 by

I fired up the laptop to rant and rail about the things that are destroying my city. Before I could I got diverted by an email detailing a venomous online postfest on another blog I read. Reading through it was enough to force a resolve on my own part, to make this a positive post. With that in mind I am going to give a little detail on an organization I am working with here in the city called ThinkNOLA. I have been asked about them a few times lately and figured presenting the data here would enlighten a lot of people.

Capacity Building : We are trying to teach nonprofit organizations how to publish information so that people can find it, and how to use the Internet as office space.

Think New Orleans shows organizations how to share information with their constituents, we show how to lead discussions in public forums that attract participation, we show how to organize events with calendaring tools and authoring tools, how to create living documentsthrough collaborative authoring in a web accessible forum.

With the Internet Workshops, Think New Orleans creates a collaborative environment where nonprofit and neighborhood organizations can share knowledge, publish information, and develop skills and strategies to employ the Internet in the rebuilding or New Orleans.