NorthWest Carrollton

Jul 16, 2006 by

Karen, one of the new bloggers I have met at the ThinkNOLA web publishing workshops (who is delightful, I met her at the Geek Dinner the other night), brings us more Sinn Fein tidings. Even with the National Guard in town things resemble Mad Max!

NorthWest Carrollton

Those of us who are back in the Neighborhood actually took the words of our Mayor seriously when he said Come Back Home

We came back and we worked at not just cleaning our homes but our streets and our Neighbors homes.

But somewhere along way the City, The State and Our own Church gave us the clear and consistant message, that is you are on your own.

And that may be the only clear message there is. When I woke up this morning and saw the shuttered Church covered with Gang Graffitti I knew that not only are we on our own, but we are under attack as well.

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