Vote for the Unusual

Jul 17, 2006 by

A Shameless Plug ™. When not ranting into the aether from the strange new world New Orleans has become I further exacerbate the geekitude in my life by writing Dungeons and Dragons and d20 gaming materials. I even sometimes get paid (a very little) for doing it Now for the plag and a request.

One of the DND sites I am a Site Manger for is Planewalker, The Official Planescape Site. This year Planewalker is once again up for an Ennie Award, the industry equivalent of an Oscar. I would really appreciate it a lot if you would stop by and vote for us. There is a small link that says Voting at the bottom of the page and we are listed in the Best Fan Site category.

We took the Silver last year while I was in Katrina Exile and was too cross to enjoy it.

This year I want the Gold.

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