Beirut As New Orleans?

Jul 20, 2006 by

When the attacks in Lebanon started I had the TV on with the sound off. As I saw the first images of the destruction I was puzzled. I could not place which New Orleans neighbohood it was that I was looking at. That, in and of itself, is a barometer of how things are close to a year after the Storm. How surprising that American citizens should have to wait through danger for the slow and plodding footsteps of governmental action…

Hotline On Call

Shuster: “The image of Americans, terrified and having to wait for days to be rescued, is an image that has burned the Bush administration before, namely a year ago following Hurricane Katrina. This time around, amidst the violence in Lebanon, no Americans have died waiting for help. And with U.S. Navy ships streaming towards Beirut and Israel pledging safe passage for all evacuees, Bush administration officials are convinced the greatest political danger they are facing in all of this here at home will be over within days” (“Hardball,” 7/18).

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