Jul 28, 2006 by

Well, despite the fact that the new floodgates will probably cause flooding if used (Thank you Corps of Engineers!) things seem to be brightening on a personal level. Business is good, we’ve hired some great new guys, and things are getting done. It is odd though, the current job is in the ruins of Lakeview. Every few days our route takes us across the 17th St. Canal where the array of adult sized Tonka Toys is astounding. (For those having trouble placing it, that is where one of the Levees breached. Thank you Corps of Engineers!)

Tonight I also got the go ahead for a d20 Modern conversion of the Consortium of Genius for our new gaming company  (more on that soon).  Add that to the list along with actually finding an officiant and wedding rings for the upcoming nuptuals, and our newly purchased Blazer (Stop worrying, we now have the measn to evacuate) and its a rash of good luck.

So pardon the infrequency of my posting recently, I’ve been busy. Buried busy, but in a good way… More soon.

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