Day 338: Bad Press/Worse Press

Aug 2, 2006 by

While scanning through the New Orleans Livejournal Community I ran arcoss this posting.  Less than a month until K Day and the stories of douchebags gambling away their FEMA money (or worse) still take precedence over the stories of  those who truly are suffering in the aftermath of our Great National Failure.

Every community has its share of deadbeats, and urban areas even more so.  The looters and scam artists would be out in even more force if it had been the Great Quake ™ in San Francisco. Why? Because of greater population, thats why.

Follow the link at the end to read the full posting, it contains stories of elderly folks who  are caught in the grip  of FEMA limbo. These are the people who  are our reason to keep fighting. They are our neighbors, family, and friends.  (Thanks to Gutterboylive for the posting!)

New Orleans – Sometimes I cry all over again

Sometimes I cry all over again

Lately it’s been the Bill Capo reports (linked below the cut).

God, I’m tired of reading about idiots who spent their FEMA debit cards on strippers when I don’t see stories like these in the national press. It just gives the rest of America a reason not to care about the people in the stories below.

There’s been a lot written about the black/white divide, and the rich/poor divide post-Katrina, but the ones who really got hosed were the old people, the ones who never made much money, but managed to play by the rules, buy a little house, and then lost everything. Everything.

A friend of mine said after the storm, “How weird is it when you lose your house and everything you own, and you have friends die, and you still feel like one of the lucky ones?”

Ack. Enough. Read on if you want.