Day 339: Feed The NOLABloggers

Aug 3, 2006 by

Hey out there in internet land, I have recently found/made a useful tool that I would like to share. Netvibes is a free service that acts as a combination feed agregator and custom homepage a la google.

After playing with it for a little while I created a tab with all the NOLA Bloggers on it (the ones who have atom/rss feeds anyway. If you have a feed I missed let me know and I will add it.). Thanks to the way it is set up I am able to make that group of feeds public and share it. So, if you just cannot get enough of the NOLA Blogosphere set up a netvibes account and try this:

Add to netvibes

Currently it contains the following feeds:Becky Houtman, Your Right Hand Thief, Suspect Device, Dangerblonde, Tim’s Nameless Blog, Maitri’s VatulBlog, Hurricane Katrina Stories on the Huffington Post, ThinkNOLA, Northwest Carrollton, Alan’s Blogometer, New Orleans Oral History Project, Canal Streetcar, Gentilly Girl, Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans, Minor Wisdom, and, of course, HumidCity.
You can now get your favorite New Orleans based rants, facts, culture, fear and loathing, vitriol, progress reports and more in one simple place.

You’re Welcome.

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