Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Aug 3, 2006 by

Once again the New Orleans LJ community generates a discussion all should read. the following post touches upon thoughts we all have had, whether we will admit it or not.

neworleans: Stay or Go or Return?

Almost a year after hurricane Katrina, I think my family and I have finally decided to move on from New Orleans. Life here isn’t easy and it seems to get harder by the day. We’ve been back since the day we were allowed back in the city and have given it our best shot. Sadly, we have children to think about and we don’t have any family ties to the city so we think the best move would be to leave. This isn’t the city I fell in love with when I was younger, to me it’s not even a recognizable shell of it’s old self.

I was curious how everyone else was feeling on the state of New Orleans and it’s future. If you are here, do you plan on staying? Are you ready to move elsewhere? If you haven’t yet moved back, do you think you might? This is the hardest decision we’ve ever faced and hearing other’s prospectives always helps make things a little clearer.

Discussion- neworleans: Stay or Go or Return? Read the comments and opinions.