Escaping The Isle d’Orleans

Aug 9, 2006 by

Well in the midst of all the various chaos, confusion, corruption, blogging, and green chartreuse we have gotten word of our escape. There will be a few absences coming up where I will try to have guest hosts keeping the data flowing here at HumidCity while I take some much needed breathers.

Firstly in early Oct I will have my first time away from the rubble since returning late last Oct, two weeks shy of a full year since my exile. Thanks to a very generous gift from my future mother in law Lex and I will be attending Lotus Fest in Bloomington, IN (the city that brought us B.Rox). Then in early Nov we will disappear for a few days for an as yet undetermined Honeymoon, followed in late Nov by a trip to Dominica!

I am looking for some guest bloggers to keep things online while I am absent from the city. You may see a few posts from out of town, but frankly I need to get out for a bit. (Notice the deterioration in my spelling over the past few months, good indicator of personal exhaustion. Don’t worry Maitri, I will use a spell checker from now on to keep you and Alexis from beating me over the head with various objects.).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging…..

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