Columns and Bloggers and Dinner, Oh my!

Aug 11, 2006 by

Well, for those of you under the impression that things are just dandy here in New Orleans please read my newest column on Powers and Morrison, it includes an inside view of the situation from a French Quarter business owner. (The Quarter is the least affected area of the city.)

While you are there you should also check out the newest offering on P&M, a page that consolidates feeds from a wide array of local bloggers. Mr. Morrison is one of the few media types to be really incensed by the horrible situation here. He and I have put this page together so that people can get info first hand from the bloggers who live here. Someone is actually paying attention!

On another note the newest Geek Dinner will be held on Saturday the 19th (EDIT: Please note the date change!) at 7pm at the site of my former apartment – 4615 S. Claiborne Ave (just uptown from Napoleon in Broadmoor). The Geek Dinner entry on the Wiki (linked above )will be updated within the next day or two for planning purposes. Flood wreckage, an authentic FEMA trailer, a grill, the colorful remains of my piano, yardspace to socialize in and Wi-Fi provided by 504 DataCom (My new Telcom company). This will be our best opportunity to confer before Rising Tide, and I look forward to seeing you all again. More details will be released as they are confirmed.

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