Dear New Orleans

Aug 12, 2006 by

Greg Peters at Suspect Device pointed out this thread on the National Geographic site. It shows just what we are up against. Pages upon pages of vitriol and “logical,” arguments about why we should not rebuild.
It is VITAL that we make people understand what is really happening and why it is important to rebuild. It is not only important, but also our civic duty to get across to them how misplaced their faith in the Army Corps of Engineers is before it happens to them. It seems the admissions of culpability made by the Corps only got play in Louisiana and European media. No one else seems to have any idea.
Many of the comments on this thread express faith in the Corps and their ability. Terrifying. What is going to happen when we have a huge earthquake in CA, devastating tornado season in Tornado Alley, or some other massive disaster?

It is about survival, but it is also about preventing our countrymen from suffering the same way we have been. Many Americans may have a “fuck you New Orleans,” attitude, but we must persevere. If we cannot change that, well a phrase that has been going around a lot here is, “If at first you don’t secede, try try again!” After the way this has been handled we obviously are not considered part of the US anymore anyway….

Shut down the Port of New Orleans for one week. Trust me, they will get the picture.

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