Geek Dinner II: The Sequel

Aug 19, 2006 by

Saturday night is the Geek Dinner, the past two days have been spent cleaning out the site of my old apartment in Broadmoor and making ready for the arrival of the many geeks, technophiles, and web publishers who will be attending. Check out the details on the Geek Dinner page of the ThinkNOLA New Orleans Wiki.

Many thanks to my business partners Dudley and Chris as well as Esther N., and UptownGirl for helping out with the clean out/site prep! I raise my Gatorade in your honor! Additional thanks to Alan from ThinkNOLA for starting the Geek Dinners in the first place, one of the many efforts he has made to use technology for the good of New Orleans.

The Geek Dinner is sponsored by ThinkNOLA, 504Data.Com and Stormhoek Wine.

Drop in, speak up, geek out!

EDIT: *slaps forehead* Oh yeah, if you aren’t coming by check out the Antigravity Alternative Media Expo. If you do stop by and check out Oyster at the Rising Tide table, Jac at the Defend New Orleans table, and visit the DaFa Fungus table (I hear they’re packing DVDs of Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras).

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