Dear Grandma

Aug 21, 2006 by

I’ve been thinking about one of the greatest losses that we have experienced since the storm. Grandma and Grandpa. Big Momma and Big Poppa. Grand-père de Grand-mère. Many elderly people and especially those with illnesses have not returned to New Orleans. A lot of them died during the flood or from overall stress after.
In New Orleans entire families often live with or next door to each other. Here, there are a strong familial bonds that tend to exist only outside of this country. Those bonds are a main reason why this place has so many enduring traditions. Those bonds are the well-source of culture. Here it is customary to leave the children with the grandparents when the parent must work or make groceries, etc. That is the time when Grandpa and Grandma teach the kids to play the trumpet, sew and bead costumes, and enjoy taking the day to cook a good dinner. Lots of kids are missing out.
Lots of kids are here and running around in the streets. Most of them are bored. I used to hear kids playing instruments and tapping out drumbeats on the trash cans. I used to see families gathered on porches having a barbecue while the kids rode bikes and played ball.

Everyone is so busy now. We miss the wisdom, the love and the reassurance. I’ve been thinking about this loss because I miss my grandmother. She moved away. I should write her today.

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