Stagnant – St. Charles Streetcar Line

Aug 23, 2006 by

St. Charles Streetcar Line3
Don’t be fooled by photos of our old, green, St. Charles Line streetcars rolling down the neutral ground tracks. Those are (temporarily?) running on the Canal and Riverfront lines Downtown. The St. Charles line has not heard a clickety-clack of a streetcar since Pre-K. Right now, it sound like cicadas and construction. The RTA has a breakdown of their plans and what is involved in repair on their website.

“Hurricane Katrina heavily damaged the overhead electrical system. Work on the entire St. Charles project will be completed in the latter part of 2007, at which time the streetcars will run the complete length of St. Charles Avenue. By the end of 2006, RTA is anticipating running a CBD loop of the St. Charles streetcar line, from Canal Street to the Lee Circle area.”

Unfortunatly, the last time I saw a St. Charles Streetcar on St. Charles was many, many months ago when it was being towed along the tracks to be put in use downtown. I miss the feeling of a breezy ride down the avenue. I even miss “surfing the streetcar” when you have to stand while it’s moving and try to stay balanced. I know everyone is trying to push New Orleans into the 21st century but for the next year and a half could we just go back to having horses pulling the cars?

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