Ernie says It For Me

Aug 25, 2006 by

I just don’t have the energy for ranting abour C.Ray’s latest dose of verbal diarrhea, but I don’t need to. Another local blogger that I respect says it in a much more concise fashion:

Ernie The Attorney: Mayor Nagin, your mind is on vacation but your mouth is working overtime
Oh, that’s great, just freaking wonderful. Remember how quickly New York State offered to send troopers to our city after Katrina? How many firemen from New York came? Or does Nagin believe, like Ann Coulter, that the firefighters who came weren’t really from New York?

Okay, Mayor Nagin, you know that ‘hole in the ground’ that you refer to? On September 11, 2001 a lot of people died in the space right above it. Not suprisingly, some people in New York are not pleased with your comments. I’m pretty sure that many people in New Orleans won’t be either.

I can’t wait until your term of office is over. But until then do us all a favor and stop talking to the media. Or, better yet, just stop talking. Period.

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