Water Rising: Wind Driven Bullet Points

Aug 25, 2006 by

As expected, it is getting deep now that the Anniversary weekend is here, on top of which I have been physically ill lately. A nurse friend tells me its probably stress related. Big surprise. Anyway, since I am behind on posting (as well as everything else) I am going to collate everything into one post now. Please pardon the abbreviated format.

  • Rising Tide – this is a must do! Go take a look at the guests and attendees, that should crystallize your decision. If not read Adrastos’ list of Ten Reasons To Go
  • Mayor Wonka has exceeded the stupidity of his, “chocolate city,” remarks by making some pretty inflamatory statements about 9-11 Stybbie over at Nation of Morons will have to supply the vitriol, I am too worn out.
  • As the Anniversary looms so does another probable hurricane in the Gulf. Joy. I miss the days when an oncoming hurricane meant having to stock the bar and buy extra candles….
  • The Geek Dinner II– man it was a success, but I fear it was also what pushed my health over the edge. Many of the usual suspects were there along with a wonderful array of new faces. It was brilliant finally meeting Ernie the Attorney, who it seems knows some of my family. Likewise GBitch was a grea new face to add to our rogues galley. A majority of the NOLABloggers were there although we did miss Maitri who was having fun flying to Toronto at the time (Don’t worry she did not bring any toothpaste and as a result made it through without being incarcerated).The list of pissed off and motivated bloggers continues to grow. My pics from the dinner are here.
  • The BBC did interviews with Alan from ThinkNOLA, Kalypso, and myself. To listen to the broadcast you’ll either need to listen live between 8 and 9pm Central Time on Monday OR the archive goes up the next day – click on listen link in the sidebar at http://blogs.bbc.co.uk/podsandblogs
  • Rocky Vaccarella is a traitor to New Orleans. His FEMA trialer visit to DC and comments about wanting four more years of Bush we elegantly staged, but he has GOP roots and questionable motives. Gee, a photo-op as spin control from the Bush Administration? No….. See the Carpetbagger Report for more disturbing details.
  • Midsummer Mardi Gras looms Saturday night. Last year we missed it because we had just crystallized our decision to flee Katrina. This year we will not miss it, bad health or not.
  • On the Anniversay I will be doing radio interviews for the Mike Malloy Show on Air America as well as on Channel 4 Radio News for the UK. Details will go up as soon as they are worked out.

That is all I have the energy for this morning. I had meant to expand upon each of these points, but I am wiped out. I’m off to write some websites for a gig I have and then get some rest so I can be ready for Rising Tide (did I mention that you should go?).

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