I Miss My Friends

Aug 29, 2006 by

One year ago this minute I was crammed in a small car with all five of our cats, my business partner, my finacee, and a lot of general crap. It would be five hours yet before we would finally hit W. Memphis. It was obviously the Storm of the Century, we might even be gone three or four days. Little did we know.

The intervening year has been a tempest of emotion. Suddenly I really have  empathy when I see a natural/man made disaster strike. I mean really have empathy. The visions of Lebanese cities and towns after the bombings, the view of normally arid areas of India submerged, these images almost give me physical pain now. I have seen my friends and family suffer through the devastation. I know people who have died both due to the storm and by their own hand, unable to deal with the aftermath.

Like all the bloggers out there posting on the subject I wanted to put out a magnum opus, a tirade of Homeric proportion which would incite the people of elsewhere to rise up and shout, “Thou shalt not desert our countrymen!” Alas, illness and depression dictate not.

As I sat here, staring at the blank text field which waits for me to fill it’s taunting tabula rasa, I realized that I had no words. At least not the type of words that would fit the gravity of the occasion.

In lieu of the Battle Cry For New Orleans you will have to settle for more personal, simple sentences:

I miss my friends.

I miss streets devoid of looters, rubble, and fear.

I miss having even a shred of faith in the social contract.

After tomorrow the mass media will forget us, and so will the people.

I miss the phrase “oncoming hurricane,” meaning a day off and a beer run.

I can’t believe I’m actually glad the National Guard is back. Yes, me.

My family got here with Bienville, I’m fighting for my home!

Hold the Corps Accountable!

Sinn Fein! We Are NOT Okay! 

Rebuild, Reboot, Renew!

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