Flashflood. Oops, I Mean Flashback

Aug 31, 2006 by

One year ago:

trying desperately to turn my fear, pain, and shaking hands to good cause I continued to attempt to get an audio record of my fellow New Orleanians during this disaster. By this point I was rather wild eyed and crazy, just like most others.

Having just paid for our honeymoon and wedding, as well as having the Storm fall right before payday, L and I had practically no resources. We knew that wee only had a matter of two or three days in the hotel before we would be completely destitute in a foreign state a long way from home.

Michael Guilliot of Kenner speaks

File With FEMA Now (little did I realize at the time that this would be so useless to so many of us. My own adventures with FEMA, distasteful as they are pale in comparison to what others have experienced in the bungling of the last year.)

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