K+372 Days: Exhausted

Sep 5, 2006 by

Another day of rebuilding houses. I hate sheetrock.

Started the day by finding out that one of my cats had urinated on my work shoes (the only ones I can wear doing construction) so the redolent aroma of cat piss in my nostrils all day has probably impacted my attitude. Hopefully the image will at least give my audience a laugh. A long day of demolition and sheetrocking has worn me out, besides I have a several hours of web code to crunch for a commision gig so this will be a short one.

The folks in the lovely village of Dobbs Ferry, NY (where we weathered the majority of our exile) are still interested in both us and the state of the city. Thank god someone is! I did another followup interview for their paper, The Enterprise, last night. Great name for a paper doing articles on a NOLA based geek. Just don”t make me wear a red shirt! I’ll let you know how it turns out when I get a copy.

Once he recovers, PH Fred will be joining the posting team here at Humid City along with Alexis and I. It should add the needed element of dark humor that I seem to have ost the ability to provide.

Last year on this day one of the other HC authors posted an indictment, with documentation, of both FEMA and the current adminstrations actions/inactions following the storm and the horrors spawned thereby. Take a look, it is the begining of a loooong catalogue of bungling and corruption.

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