Wet Bank Guide: You Lying Sack of Shit

Sep 7, 2006 by

When I was being interviewed the other night for the newspaper in Dobbs Ferry, NY the reporter was shocked by my description of the government response as viewed down here. My thoughts and reasoning are easily available by searching this site. It is a fact that we have been treated horrifically by those whose solemn duty is to ensure domestic tanquility, provide for the common defense and promote the genereal welfare (at least the last time I checked).

The President’s recent return threw this into sharp relief. The latest phot-op being the latest in an ignoble tradition begining with the staged speech in Jackson Square. You know, the one with the gorious promises counterpointed by the feeding stations (people were still starving) that were immediately broken down after the shoot.  Now, like a late night B-Movie we are treated (?) to Bush Speech III: The Emperor’s New Clothes. An eloquent and impassioned, as well as erudite and sucinct treatment of this is located over at the Wet Bank Guide. I am excerpting a paragraph here but highly enourage you to visit his site and read the whole thing. I rarely say this, but I agree 100% with it. It is addressed to G. Bush directly.

Wet Bank Guide: You Lying Sack of Shit
Too bad you didn’t share some of your real world experience of civics and free enterprise with the students at Warren Easton High School. It’s good you picked a school for your little speech, somewhere where the students are required to sit respectfully and quietly while you shovel it up. I know you didn’t want to venture out where my daughter’s friend and her mother were caught in a traffic jam for your motorcade, an instant mob in which people of every race, creed, income and age stood out of their cars or leaned out their windows and unleashed a torrent of insult and profanity and interesting gestures as you went by. If you had stopped there to shake hands, as your predecessor might have, I wonder if you could find one not balled into a fist.

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