9-11 Bullshit

Sep 8, 2006 by

It is consistent with their track record that the power mongers and the corrupt have perniciously sought self aggrandizement at the expense of the citizenry throughout the course of the current administration. Now ABC seems to have joined the ranks. Their upcoming “docudrama,” about 9-11 is composed of semitruths and outright fabrications (see references below).

With Aug 29 just past and 9-11 looming I am sick with awareness of the shortcomings of our elected officials and media. Five years later the Feds have made no progress on 9-11, one year later and 80% of New Orleans is still decimated. Now the despicable subhumans are once again trying to use modern American tragedies for political gain.

Donning the yellow robes of journalism ABC prepares to push a politically slanted, pro neocon “memorial show,” on the watching public. Maybe they should run Spike Lee’s new documentary with it as a double feature. No? Thought not.

Five years later and nothing has been done at the site of a great American tragedy, Bin Laden is still free, the towers have not been rebuilt, and most New Yorkers I know complain of an abscence of progress. One year later and New Orleans is still in ruins, more than half its citizens still displaced, Federal efforts universally bungled, and the social contract abandoned.
Compare the truth of what is STILL HAPPENING in New Orleans with the mainstream national media. Google it. Do some digging here and on the blogs listed in my sidebar. Then read through the links below to see the same abscence of honesty. It will make you sick to your stomach.
1. “Writer of ABC’s 9/11 ‘Docudrama’ Is Avowed Conservative Activist,” ThinkProgress, September 1, 2006

2. “Clintonoids Prepare To Attack 9/11 Movie,” The Rush Limbaugh Show, August 30, 2006

3. “FBI Agent Who Consulted On Path to 9/11 Quit,” ThinkProgress, September 7, 2006

4. “Under fire, ABC mulls yanking mini,” Variety, September 7, 2006

5. Greg Mitchell, Editor & Publisher, MSNBC appearance, September 7, 2006

6. “Harvey Keitel speaks out on Path to 9/11: ‘It turned out not all the facts were correct'”, Showbiz Tonight, September 7, 2006

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