Feed Burnout

Sep 11, 2006 by

Since posting the 9-11 guest post (below) by Jeremiah late last night I have noticed something interesting. The number of subscribers to my site via the feed has dropped by 50%. From over 80 last night at posting time to 41 as of this post. No negative comments, just a drop in subscribers. I stand by my choice in making this my 9-11 post and am not offering any apologies for it. What Jeremiah says is lucid and, in my opinion, accurate. We in New Orleans are experts on governmental abandonment/coruption/incompetence, as are our brethren in NYC. I would also like to offer up the following three posts made on Humid City last 9-11, thirteen days after the Great Deluge: My Post from NY, Modern Day Estella’s Post, and Wine’s Post.

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