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If any of you are a New Orleans please look out for the cat with the collar in this picture. Kallisti became an outside cat after the storm because the trauma of exile snapped somethng in her little head, she stopped using the littler box.

Now, after several months of living mostly outside (coming in for meals and human attention) she has gone missing for two days. Her twin sister, Eris, misses her very much as do we. She was last seen near Napoleon and Prytania streets uptown. Anyone who has information about our missing child please contact us. We miss her terribly and are worried sick.

In the aftermath of the storm our cats have been a significant chunk of what keeps us sane and together. I hope that we can find her and that she is alright….

EDIT: She has been found! Despite the ongoing fantasies of death, doom, and disease she came wandering up to me moments after finally posting this. She has fallen victim to neither the assinine driving nor environmental hazards of post-K New Orleans. It is simply amazng how much my peace of mind relies upon the safety of the five animals who weathered exile, displacement, and dozens of hours at a time in cat carriers during the two months following the storm. On such slender things doth a semblence of sanity rest. For many weeks they were all we had, and the love of these small creatures was often what gave me strength to go on when things seemed darkest. Relying on friends for escape last August we took the five felines and little else for lives, even the small ones, are irreplaceable. It literally brings tears to my eyes to have her back.

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